Janice Derian – President

Sharon Gomulka – Vice President

Linda Budge – Treasurer

Eric Parker – Secretary



Member at Large 1          Irena Semenova

Member at large 2           Chris Smith

Past President:                Alicia Operti

LAPTF Standing and Special Committees:

Outreach Recital: Kathy Ranus and Roy Coloma

Honors Recital: Barb Marek and Bin Feng

Welcome:  available

Historian: available

Membership: Irena Semenova

S.A.T.: Diana Munch and Chris Smith

A.P.P.E. Brenda Krachenberg and Linette Popoff-Parks

Teacher Referrals: available

Website custodian: Janice Derian

Rockin The Keys: Kathy Ranus and Roy Coloma

By-Law revision: Christie Otter, Alicia Operti and Janice Derian

Yearbook: Linda Budge

Hospitality: available

Publicity: available

Certification: Janice Derian

Teacher of the Year: Alicia Operti

SAT LAPTF Semi-final chair: Mary Siciliano